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Look North more often.
Go against the wind,
you'll get ruddy cheeks.
Find the rough path. Keep to it.
It's shorter. North is best.

Winter's flaming sky -
summer night's sun miracle.
Go against the wind. Climb mountains.
Look north. More often.

This land is long.
Most is north.

Rolf Jacobsen

Vist us!

Visit us!

Breddegrad 69 Nord / Latitude 69 North is a group of outdoor enthusiasts in Troms. We have - more or less - realised our dreams of a life where nature provides us with a living , and we would really like to show you how.

And if you visit us here in the north, we will show you the best of what we have. In our Troms landscape you can pick and choose from the interior to the open sea: By dog sleigh among the mountains, by canoe along the rivers, by kayak in the fjords, or by Colin Archer sailing boat along the coast and out to sea.

The choice is yours. The landscape awaits you, and we are ready to take you on an adventure, where you will learn to deal with nature as it meets you with everything from storm to calm eternity.
You will feel the excitement and pleasure of intimacy and fellowship which springs up among people in a small group under a boundless sky.

It is in the close encounter with the enormous and the variable, with the limits, that the seed of one's own growth and development lies.

We want you to have an intense and lasting relationship with Nature. And offer you all the variations of the seasons. Midnight sun and polar night, full moon and starry sky, snow and wind. Nature awaits you – all the time.